ÇiçekKent Residential Complex
The Çiçekkent Housing Project is located in Adana a city of 1.5 million inhabitants which is located on the coast of Mediterenean Sea in the The Çukurova Plains. The city is surrounded by the  most fertile region of Turkey with the Toros Mountains on the North. In contrast to its agricultural surroundings “Modern Adana” is a city of high rises densley cluttered together and lacking in the most basic principles of planning. Given such a negative urban context the project’s aim was to create an alternative to the prevelant “nondescript” residential houising sprawl of Adana. 
Our first objective was to keep the bulk of the apartment units low to the ground at 6 levels which would not exceed above the tree heights. 
Second objective was for the apartment buildings to look inward and create defined green spaces.
Third   objective was to keep the gren spaces clear of motor vehicles by creating a continuous and convenient subsurface parking.
These objectives enabled us to design residential apartment living which is in close relationship with natural amenities while being buffered from its surrounding negative urban context.
The series of gren spaces begins at the entry gate and then progresses to the Center Green Area and then finally concludes at the community pool. Surrounding this sequence of gren spaces is a green perimeter walkway that serves as a continuous hiking trail. 
Compositionally the buildings are so aranged to create visual links between them that help unify the entire Project. The architecture is kept very low keyed in order to make the public space seem more important.
It is expected that the vegetation in central green area will grow and densify  to soften the buildings in the backround. The wall of buildings will define the central public space which will then help create a sense of community.

Kaya Arikoglu




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