The etymological definition of the word Architect originates from the bonding of two ancient Greek words arkhi "chief" + tekton "builder". An architect ought to have full responsibility in the supervision and leadership of building processes. Once the architect is restricted only with the design and planning stages of a building the outcome becomes significantly altered in its vision and manipulated by the interpreter of the architectural plan. Although it appears to be more efficient to specialize in certain stages of a building, the architect ought to have full control of the process from its beginning until the project is completely realized. Our job is similar to that of an orchestra chef where we have knowledge of a wide array of disciplines within a construction, only we can hold the overall functionality and aesthetic composition together. Once leadership is deferred to another party the architectural intent becomes open to hindrances due to improper interpretations and improvisations on the site. The construction is the most important part of the architecture process and should not be abandoned by the architect.