Ener Residence
Description written by Kaya Arikoglu 
My relationship with the Ener family in the city of Adana began in the mid 50s when my architect mother Nezahat Arikoglu designed their villa in which Mr. Mennan Ener grew up as a boy. Later that villa was replaced by an apartment building, again designed by my mother. Having lived and raised a family in architecturally designed buildings, Mr. Ener wanted us to design his new farmhouse. We were able to prepare a master plan in which the orchard, the farm buildings and the house all were unified to become a part of a larger landscape composition.
Approaching from a distance the profile of Ceyhan Mountains makes a powerful backdrop for Ener’s citrus orchard. In the design the “working” farm buildings are more prominent while the house discreetly sits back, establishing eye contact with the main entry. The functional farm buildings could be bypassed at the main entry by a side road that detours to the house. This approach is received by a small defined court that prepares the entry to a continuous porch which faces the South lawn. The house is a compact rectangle which forms an “L” shaped plan with the addition of a porch and office extension. The extensive pitched roof forms a spacious master bedroom / bathroom suite on the upper level. The house is intended to look single story from the orchard while rising to a double story height on the entry court.  The construction uses locally available labor and materials. The plan and detailing were all kept simple for creating comfort, flexibility and ease of construction.
Without further elaboration, I am attaching an architectural review written by my teacher/friend Prof. William Bechhoefer who visited the house in 2005. I would also like to credit all the people who contributed to conceptualization and realization of this house by listing their names below. 
Concrete work and supervision : Turgay Usta
Mechanical and Plumbing: Numan Usta
Electrical and Lighting: Erdoğan Usta
Carpentery and Cabinetry: Ali Usta
Stone and Ceramic: Haydar Usta
Architectural and Landscape Design: Kaya Arikoglu Arch.  
Owner and Financier: Mennan Ener

Kaya Arikoglu




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