Mersin Chamber of Commerce (MDTO)
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Mersin Deniz Ticaret Odası HARİTA

Mersin Chamber of Commerce (MDTO), Mersin, Turkey 2002
Description written by : Kaya Arikoglu
The MDTO (Mersin Chamber of Commerce) was established to promote maritime trade for the seaport of Mersin. The site is located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, adjacent to the Mersin Hilton Hotel. The building is intended to face toward the sea, to signify a gateway for international trade, and also to face toward the city to signify it as an urban landmark. Therefore, the design has developed two very different primary facades. The north façade, facing Inönü Boulevard, is veneered with local limestone, while the south façade, facing toward the sea, is totally open with floor to ceiling glass. The resolution of this inherent duality was an important determinant for our scheme.
The image for the building intends to symbolize contemporary style while avoiding austere classicism. Keeping this in mind, we did not desire to achieve overt technological precision. Instead, we accepted our budget limits that dictated modest levels of craftsmanship and cost of materials.
The plans and sections of the building are organized for separating what are public spaces from what are internal work spaces. The public auditorium on the ground level is enclosed and cased in limestone for controlling lighting and acoustics. The stone building base, formed by the solid auditorium, continues to the upper levels by defining the front entry portico / lobby and circulation areas. The entry sequence starts from the sidewalk and connects to the building by a bridge. The entry, circulation and stair hall all become exhibitions spaces that continue to upper administrative offices and finally conclude on the roof top observation deck.
The concrete frame structural system is kept simple and symmetrical in plan to accommodate internal requirements. The office plan is organized on a 60cm X 60cm module with structural bays that are 4.20m X 7.20m and 4.20m x 3.60m. On the north side 1.50m console acts as an entry portico that is defined by the stone arcade. This arcade has an irregular shifting of the stone peers which act as a filter from the boulevard and reinforce its “curtain” like none structural lightness. The totally glass curtain walls that wraps around the south, east and west exposures are shaded by a continuous 1.50m console. The insulating glass with internal horizontal blinds provides daylight control. The air condition units are accommodated in the ceiling plenums and are located to provide flexibility in zoning. Their external heat pumps are located on the rooftop.
The building attempts to integrate a standard level of building systems with a simple architectural geometry that is defined by the local zoning ordinances. A case is made for architecture that can be built in an environment that may not be receptive to higher levels of sophistication in construction.
Kaya Arikoglu, Architect 2002
Architectural and Landscape Design:  Kaya Arıkoğlu  Arch.
Structual Engineer: Ertan Erdem  Eng. İTÜ

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